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Ghetto Gaggers Video Hoe Face Fuck New Wig Same Whore Cock Gagging

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

New Wig Same Whore Posted in Cock Gagging

Man no amount of Yak hair can make an old hood bitch new but they try. She doesn’t seem to like the sex but that’s when we like it so the show continued. As Dice says ‘Ehhhhhhh.’ She got stepped on like a bad pair of brakes and fucked like a retard at an IQ exam. In the end she was reminded that she was a hooker and the earth spins around the sun for another day.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Black Whore Ashlyn Sixxx 3 Cum Facial

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Ashlyn Sixxx 3 Posted in Black Bitch Gag

Ashlyn Sixxx came back this time dressed up like some high class call girl. We made sure to strip her of her frumpy dress and any dignity she may have mustered up since the last time we saw her. Her cock sucking skills improved vastly and I want to thank the guy who taught her to shut up and take dick. She had no problem throating Harker and Jay D then she ruined all her good graces by squirting all over our damn couch. Whores you can’t even house break them.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Facefuck Summer Knight 3 Cum Facial

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Summer Knight 3 Posted in

The fans have spoken… and it’s because of you that the legend was pulled out of retirement. I’m not talking about that whore Summer Knight. Who fucking cares about her. I’m talking about Bootleg. Yes!!! He’s back!!! It was just like old times watching Bootleg and Pauly destroy long legged Summer Knight. True she’s pretty and yes she gets down with the nasty! Today was a perfect storm (meaning everything just went right). The final result… an incredible scene! Trust me fellas… this is one you want to see!!!

Ebony Ghetto Ho Cherise Roze3 Gaggers Deepthroat Gag Hardcore Puking With Dick Videos

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Cherise Roze much like herpes springs up from time to time. It’s probably been about a year since her last epic visit we were due for another outbreak of the big booty ho. I won’t lie though… I really like this girl. She shows up ready to work and is down with the sick and twisted shit we dream up. Today we went in a more sinister route… and I think you’re going to love it. To start we had her shackled to a new sex chair our photographer created. We can lock in her hands to prevent them from trying to cock block the action. Imagine barfing all over yourself while your hands are secured to a chair… pretty gnarly right? Per usual Cherise spills her guts for us. This girl never skips a meal so you know her belly is going to get emptied. Top that with some hardcore fucking while her face squeezes through her fishnet stocking (dubbed the ham face) and you got a winner. Massive loads to the grill and she’s out the door. The fans wanted a trifecta and we gave it to them!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Skank Ghetto Hoe Brandi Foxx Gaggers Deep Throat Gag Severe Choking Blowjob Free Video

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Brandi Foxx is a 30 year old milf. Weighing in at a mere 110 she has a nicer body than girls 10 years younger. She has the type of body I prefer… tight and petite. It’s about time we’ve had a ghetto gagger come in that’s not an obvious candidate for diabetes right? Anyway this sassy little cunt thought it was all jokes and fun during the interview but clearly she was nervous. I pick up on those little ticks. When she wouldn’t stop flapping her gums Pistol stepped in and slapped the sass right out of her body. She learned quickly that we’re not to be fucked with. That topped with a throat pounding set her straight. Obedience was taught to this scuz bucket. For a tiny bitch she could take the dick too! She likes it hard fast and rough… so that’s what she got.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Black Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Caramel Dime Deep Throat Gag Gaggers Abuse Choking Cum Facials Videos

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Ghetto Gaggers
No question that Caramel Dime is one hot piece of ass black bitch a petite little hoe with massive fake jugs that we love of course. Caramel Dime as an added bonus loves the cocks fucking her and she laps it up when three white dudes empty their nut all over her face. Classic deep throat spitting face slapping and cock gagging puke action and another video not to be overlooked. Watch Caramel Dime at the Ghetto Gaggers deep throat ebony emporium here.

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Horny Ghetto Whore Roulette Face Fucked Gaggers Hardcore Hurl Over White Dicks Vid

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Ghetto Gaggers
Roulette… what can I say? Her smell alone had us all wishing we were playing Russian Roulette. Yeah, she smells like she took a 14 hour bus ride from Detroit to get here. If that isn’t gross enough of a mental image, watch her get face fucked. She puked so much that I had to empty the infamous dog bowl just so she could refill it again with her stomach bile. This is definitely a lot messier than what we’ve seen recently. It felt like every cock pump down her throat pulled up more lung butter. Ugghhh…. According to Pauly, her cunt smelled like a rotting corpse wrapped in dog shit on a hot summer day. Fortunately for him, he’s both physically and mentally tough so he persevered and was able to maintain an erection long enough to fuck her and cum. Hip hip hooray for Pauly!!!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ebony Ghetto Ho Ashlyn Sixxx Deepthroat Fucked Abuse Vomit Over A Cock Videos

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Ashlyn Sixxx is a fine looking petite ebony slut with a smoking body that the Ghetto Gaggers totally destroy. She has cocks in all her wet holes and her pie hole is where the fire is concentrated multiple cocks stuffed right deep into her throat of course she pukes up her soul as she gags on the cocks that are relentless in their vomit inducing mission. Another class video from the Ghetto Gaggers not to be missed.
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