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The word on the street is Tiny Ebony is blowing up thanks to us at gaggers. Well any whore we film that puts in work and doesn’t throw us under the bus earns the absolute right to return for at least a second shoot. This time around we took extra special care of this petite sperm receptacle. Knowing her gaps and sliippery slits could take some serious pounding the guys went ahead and just laid into her. Oh… the humiliation awesome! By the end of these scenes she was almost swimming in her own slop (good thing she wore a bathing suit!) flailing about in spit bile and jizz. The streets screamed ENCORE UN FOIS! This is unforgettable!


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Brand new and ready to take the porn world by storm is Tiny Ebony. Her first stop Ghetto Gaggers. Honestly this could be the nail in the coffin to most but surprisingly… this whore relished in the punishment dished out to her. She didn’t go and cry like a little bitch like most of the degenerates that end up on the couch. Tiny Ebony is starting pretty late in life. She’s 29 which in the porn world may as well be 80. The good news is she kept her body up. She handles hard cocks down her throat better than I would have expected a gag virgin to have… but that’s really just her submissive side doing what it’s supposed to do which is submitting to the white man.


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Azaelia ‘like the flower’ except spelled the way a Bronx hood rat would spell it. Aside from her ghettofication of her name this slender 21 year old seized her porn debut on Ghetto Gaggers and ran with it. I have to admit I was nervous when I saw how hot she was. I thought no way this snooty cunt is going to stick around but guess what… the fucking pig did. Pauly and Jay really laid into this piece of ass smacking that conceited smile right off her face. Both guys pump fucked that little cunt hard. The way they described it was so fucking tight. Her mouth went to great use inhaling hard white cocks. Prior to the shoot she was boasting that we wouldn’t get her to lose her lunch. FAIL. She spilled her guts all over the place time and time again. What an awesome night!


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My suspicions were right about this cunt… she is a cunt. Those of you may remember this idiot from the epic 2 girl scene she did with Karman Webb. Fortunately for this lazy whore Karman was there to take the brunt of the work. Tonight she returns alone and showed her ass… literally. What most of you won’t realize when you’re jerking off to this is that it took a long fucking time to film it. This whore tried milking the clock on us. LOL. That old shit don’t work. All it does is make us mad and we take it out on these pigs. Jaime learned the hard way that when you show up to Ghetto Gaggers you better fucking come here to work. We used up all of her holes and slapped the hell out of her sending her own miserable… just like she made us. So there… we’re even!


Porn Star Beauty Dior Ghetto Gaggers Throat Fucked Black Whore Video

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Black Ghetto Gaggers Whores Face Fucked Cock Gagging Cum Facial Abuse Video HereBeauty Dior is yet another fine A-list ebony porn hoe that has been fucked up by the ghetto gaggers crew. Yet again another cock gagging black bitch that thought she could handle the ghetto gagging and the throat fucking facial abuse. Oops WRONG! Her ass is gaped wide open like the Lincoln Tunnel her ebony pussy is dripping with cunt juice as the white cocks pound her black holes. Her throat is up next for some serious deep throat fucking then puke, bile, spit and vomit are all over the place as the never ending line of white cock drill her face. She is fucked up and her throat is turned into a well fucked pussy. They had enough and she gets six nuts of cracka muck all over face in the cum facial finale.

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Watch ghetto gaggers Skyy Black gagging and spewing up on 3 white cocks fucking here as HARD as FUCKThis ghetto hoe just could not lose the ghetto sass. She needed to take some learnin’ from the white boys to adjust that attitude. Givin it the chicken head and the gum popping bullshit, showing it wasn’t workin’. So them boys slap that bitches ass and gag her some, she don’t stop the sass, some more slappin and a lot more gaggin’. Takes a while for this bitch to chill the fuck out. She gets destroyed by the three white dudes cocks, fucking the shit out of her face, pussy and that big old fat ghetto ass of hers. She learns to shut the fuck up and gets a face full of cracka nut and sits there quietly in her own vomit and a pile of spit to allow the white boys cock slobber to dry out. Amazing movie, a must see, get it here.

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Lacy Duvalle Galleries Click Here To See Ebony Hoe Lacy Duvalle Getting FUCKED In The Famous Scene Which Made Her Quit PornLacy Duvalle Galleries Click Here To See The Movie That Made Lacy Duvalle Quit Porn The gorgeous ebony porn star Lacey Duvalle, sassy as you like until she is fed a parade of huge white cocks, gagging down on white cock after white cock, taking it balls deep into the back of the throat, receiving full facials of cracka jizz, vomiting and ending up in a pile of throat fucked white cock muck. Get the full movie and all her amazing throat fucking galleries here.

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Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Bitches Face Fucking Sluts with Ebony Booty DP Black Bitches Ebony Pussy Fucking Destroyed by White Boys Cocks Sadikshya is n-n-n-nineteen, nineteen year old ebony pussy getting fucked up good by the ghetto gaggers hoodlums, man she gonna get some shit from her school buddies for this movie. She is seriously fucked up led around the room with a dog leash, gets a face full of cracka nut and these ghetto gaggers boys dont hold back on the fact that she is a young hoodrat beyatch, fuck no, they go to town on this ghetto hoes pussy, face and ass. The face fucking scene is a particularly brutal blowjob scene and will make your hair curl. Sadikshya double cunt fucking is also a great fucking scene, seeing that tight ebony pussy stuffed full of white beef. Shit girl you some fine piece of ebony ass what the fuck you doin letting these crackas fuck you up so bad. Ha ha awesome movie.

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Summer Knight 2 Ghetto Gaggers Black Bitches Face Fucking Porn

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Here’s a blast from my past… Summer Knight returns. I actually remembered this whore mainly because she carries herself in a non ghetto way. I like that she’s a classy whore… if you will. So since her first time here she’s been up to nothing except teaching nude yoga (code for hooking) and having her tits filled up with milk (you can imagine how we used that to our advantage). Well even though 3 years passed since her first time we jumped her right in. Dude… we went hard on this broad. She zoned out with some serious zen meditation to get through the second. Her mouth and cunt holes were used the way a woman’s should with reckless abandon.

Karman Webb And Jaime Fetti Black Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Slags Tight Throat Fucked Vids

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Two bitches…one completely stunning… the other a chubby troll. Combined we made Ghetto Gaggers magic the way only our perverse minds could. Imagine two ghetto hood rats battling it out to earn the title of baddest bitch. Not only were they pitted against each other but they also had to tackle the hard white cocks of Pauly Harker and Jay D. It’s messy it’s intense… it’s everything you want in a Ghetto Gaggers scene. We’re talking girl on girl ass licking explosive face fucking epic bitch slaps and more. These two girl scenes are must haves. If you don’t see this you’re missing out on a historic moment in porn!