Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Chellie Rain 2 Gaggers Cock Gag Abuse Spewing On Multiple Dicks Videos

Someone’s been practicing butt fucking and wanted to come back to show off. Yeah Chellie Rain is back for another amazing Ghetto Gaggers performance… this time that hood ass was destroyed… literally. Round 2 is more sloppy nastier and action packed. She even stepped up to the plate and took a double penetration. Her real reactions are a testament to our awesomeness. She screamed out how much she loved being dominated by white cocks. It can’t be racist if it’s true. So take that black America. Ghetto Gaggers is stealing your bitches!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Horny Ghetto Whore Layla Ray 3 Deep Throating Gaggers Insane Puke Gagging Free Video

I’m guessing someone hotter canceled on us and then that whore’s replacement came down with the flu or something. So… we’re left with Layla Ray again. She was here about 2 months ago and apparently our fat shaming sent her into a workout tizzy. She returns slightly in better shape… not much but I appreciate the effort. Yet again we made sure she had the worst day of her life. Yeah she got a little emotional this time… being slapped across the face while gagging on a hard cock has a way to do that to a whore. I don’t really care though. I think it’s funny. Then we went all topical on her ass (pun intended). I won’t spill the beans but we’ll all be watching our backs until it blows over I’m sure. Another great day of destroying dumb black bitches.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ebony Ghetto Ho Innicent Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Insane Puking Cumshot Facials Free Movie

“Innicent”… yup she’s as stupid as the spelling on her name. That’s what happens when you’re an uneducated black girl living in the hood trying to make ends meet. It’s a shame with this one because her body is really nice. Her face is a bust though. Her deep throat game is horrible. The guys described it as shoving their cocks in a wood chipper… but she can take it in the ass like a boss. I’m guessing that’s a regular thing in the hood so they don’t procreate. As far as a future in porn nope. However we destroyed this girl. Her rep is shit. We are awesome though!
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Skank Ghetto Ho Raven White Cock Gag Gaggers Hard Deepthroated Spew Vid

What the fuck did I just witness? Raven White is new to porn. This will probably be her last video too. I don’t blame her. She’s not cut out for this shit especially this shit. Anyway… Raven started off having hard white cocks jammed down her throat. She hated it… every fucking second of it. Next same cocks rammed up her cunt box. Again every second was the worst second of her life. Having cum shot onto her face followed by spit… she lost it. She ran off full of tears. This is an absolute train wreck of a melt down… but I know you die hard fans are going to love it!
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Ashely Luvbug 3 Gaggers Throat Fucking Excessive Puking On Many Cocks Videos

We don’t ask girls back 3 times unless we and you (the fans) enjoy their work. Having Ashely Luvbug back again is a no brainer. That little cunt is built for this shit. This time around the action is messier and more humiliating than ever. Bootleg takes control and gives her a visit to remember. Oh man watching that petite little frame get destroyed by hard cock was a sight to behold. There’s no end to this whore’s depravity. Hopefully we’ll get her back to bang the entire gang at once but until that time… this awesome scene should hold you over!
Ghetto Gaggers

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