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When two white boys have you on all fours barking like a puppy and then fuck your ass until it won’t remain shut you have what I call ‘a lesson in obedience.’ To top it all off she was placed in a restraint device that we affectionately named ‘The Uncle Tom’ and she was caused to submit even further as she was fucked deep and hard in all of her holes. Her behavior was modified MK-Ultra style and it will be some time before she shakes her head in a sassy gesticulative fashion. She was essentially ‘cured’ of the BT 1000 attitude.


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We started off with some basic questions. You know the kinds of questions one of this persuasion should know. Then she was punished for the questions she didn’t know and to be fair and congruous for the ones she did know too. She was a messy little ghetto gusher filling up the whore bowl fast. She got face fucked fucked and slapped nice and good. 3 cum shots and the whore bowl slowly poured on her head. She silently screamed and shivered with sadness.


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Standing at nearly 6 feet tall and hailing from parts unknown with a big set of teefs and a big pair of CNN Titties she takes a face fucking reluctantly. She gets sodomized with ‘The Louima’ DP’d ass to mouth and presents her gaping asshole for the world to see. 3 loads for a nice humiliating facial has her rethinking her divergent path.


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There is an old boxing adage ‘when you turn up the heat chocolate melts.’ Today we have an 18 year old first timer who is melting down. The look of defeat in her eyes is somber but stroke worthy. She puts her thumb into her mouth as she dreams of a far away place – a happy place. A place where Bootleg isn’t pounding her 18 year old holes. Her beautiful little body shakes as it’s drilled and pelted with slaps. Her eyes drift off as the dick goes all the way in and all the way out non stop. A huge load to the face and she sits there confounded and puzzled by her first experience with an angry white man.


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This is a remarkable instructional video of how to destroy a whore’s soul. She got on her knees without question like it was circa 1825. I’ve never seen a dick go down a throat with such ease as she knelt there like the subservient thick thing she is. She holds the whore bowl under her chin like it’s a bib to catch her humiliation exhaust as it gushes over those large dick sucking lips. She got so frustrated she throws one of her hands up in a ‘WTF’ motion because she couldn’t stop it. It was on auto pilot. She was reduced to a mouth that kept spewing. She took the dick nice and deep into that tiny little pussy of hers and you can tell it caused her pain. Over and over and she was thrusted in too deep. We sat her down and she took 3 huge degrading loads to the face. By the time the last load hit she was fighting back tears her mouth got all pouty and her jaw began to quiver. She couldn’t handle the humiliation of 3 loads. It was 1 load too many.


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Here we have a Blasian. Now where does she fit on the oppression index in the oppression Olympics. Her mom is black her dad is Korean (usually it’s the opposite) so what happens here? When she applies to college is it like an algebraic equation? -1 for being Korean and +1 for being black? Does it cancel out? In what circumstances does she pull the “black card?” That black card has more power than my Amex black card. What about Jim Crow? Being that she’s half asian is now Dim Sum Crow? I’m confused and frightened now. Remember when things were normal before horse toothed AOC started popping off? I digress. She got fucked in the ass and caused to eat that dick that just left her tail pipe all the while being strapped into our new bondage device we affectionately named “The Uncle Tom.” She took 2 loads to her face and was left to ponder these progressive conundrums all by herself. I’m putting on my MAGA hat and chirping second out of the parking lot.


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Such an obedient little hood booger. She even liked playing’fetch’ with ‘The Louima.’ She took it in her mouth and growled and snarled as she shook her head like a playful puppy. This was after she was in tears from getting her tight little black pussy stuffed with thick white dicks. She got a mouth full of dick and reluctantly took it into her dick pipe. Her bashful eyes welled up with tears as Bootleg wiped them from her eyes with the tip of his dick. She sat down on her boney ass and took 3 huge loads to her face like a good puppy.


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I’ve pondered many times why a black girl has big lips. What evolutionary advantages do they have? Every time I ponder this I find myself in a whirlpool of doubt where the only thing I am certain of is how good these got damn lips feel on my dick. Somewhere along the line nature said ‘and thee will be the dick suckers and thee shall sucketh well.’ But lawdy Jesus this girl can form a vacuum around a dick like a Dyson. She was face fucked and sodomized. Bent over and drilled up her asshole with an unholy purpose. She moaned and shivered with delight like good little bitch and took every ounce of iron we could throw her way. She knelt before us and took our oppressor DNA all over her bronze forehead. It glistened under our new lights like fools gold in a distant hill. She liked her face defaced. It made her feel dirty and evoked feelings she would be ashamed to speak of.


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And then the chains came out. A little tear rolled down her cheek as she got as quiet as mouse. Her mouth wide open a dick thrusting in and out of it and silence. This might be the only place on earth where a black chick isn’t popping off and Aiden isn’t her kang. Ghetto Gaggers uses patent pending technology to bring them to heel and obey every command. It’s magical and I recommend it to all men who have a bellicose black girl as a significant other. Dick down the throat face fucked to perfection with a side of long dick up the pussy. 3 loads to the face and let it baste under the lights. Problem solved.


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It started out with the usual banal banter and then a dick began to get riveted down her throat. She was compliant and no sass came out of her mouth… a feat that still perplexes the modern day brotha. The black woman just loves obeying uncle cracker even when he puts the chains around her ankles and as she is humming Amazing Grace. It’s the little things like this—nostalgia— that reminds me of a simpler time. She remained on her knees taking dick in her pussy and mouth. Taking spit and slaps to her face and tits two huge facials and a dump of the whore bowl. She picked up a string of cum and sucked it in. It looked exactly like sucking in a long string of spaghetti. She’s a good whore. An obedient whore.