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Black Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Teen Facial Black History Month Week 2 Cock Gagging

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Black History Month Week 2 Posted in Black Bitch Gag

Standing at nearly 6 feet tall and hailing from parts unknown with a big set of teefs and a big pair of CNN Titties she takes a face fucking reluctantly. She gets sodomized with ‘The Louima’ DP’d ass to mouth and presents her gaping asshole for the world to see. 3 loads for a nice humiliating facial has her rethinking her divergent path.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Bitches Face Fuck Whited Out Cock Gagging

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Whited Out Posted in Ebony Video Tube

When a white guy has a light skinned first timer on her knees ready to receive dick you know it’s going to be an interesting evening. She shows up in a sports bra pulls out her fat black titties and white boys went to work on the wreck. Over and over she was going dick to balls and making all kinds of sloppy hooker noises and making a giant mess. She bent over and got fucked right in the asshole. She said “I don’t like getting fuck in the ass” but no one paid any mind to that. After getting filled with dick she got covered in two huge loads and sat there befuddled and covered in the white man’s seminal superiority.