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Ghetto Gaggers Videos Huge Black Boobs Beet Root Head Cock Gagging

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Beet Root Head Posted in Deepthroat

I opened the door and there she was. Big Momma with her head ablaze like woody woodpecker with a well trimmed afro. She was ready to work however. Her whore bowl was filled to capacity in 5 minutes. She was face fucked very well and her black asshole fucked equally as good. We started out in ‘hands up don’t shoot’ position which let us manhandle her a little bit easier because 1/4 of the weight was alleviated by the shackles. 2 huge loads to the face and the whore bowl dumped on her beet colored hair which looked like kool aid as it ran down her body.

Ghetto Gaggers Black Slut Gagging Its In My Ass Deepthroat

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Its In My Ass Posted in Ebony Video Tube

Is one of the hottest things a woman can say to you when you ask her where your dick is. What’s even better is she turns right around and takes that dick which was just in her guts and slides it down her throat with no attitude or jive platitude. She’s like a geyser erupting all kinds of projectile slop which the whore bowl so generously caught. Then she got fucked in the ass while upside down with her head in the bowl filled to capacity. She lifts her head and her hair looked like she scooped out a hand full of royal crown hair dressing. Don’t worry baby I don’t want to touch your hair. She was ready for cum in the eyes and she took that like a pro. It was all over her face like one of those donuts that no one buys at 3 a.m. We let her baste in the nut until she was rocking back and forth like Stevie Wonder reaching for things that were not there.

Skyy Black Destroyed Cock Gagging

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Watch ghetto gaggers Skyy Black gagging and spewing up on 3 white cocks fucking here as HARD as FUCKThis ghetto hoe just could not lose the ghetto sass. She needed to take some learnin’ from the white boys to adjust that attitude. Givin it the chicken head and the gum popping bullshit, showing it wasn’t workin’. So them boys slap that bitches ass and gag her some, she don’t stop the sass, some more slappin and a lot more gaggin’. Takes a while for this bitch to chill the fuck out. She gets destroyed by the three white dudes cocks, fucking the shit out of her face, pussy and that big old fat ghetto ass of hers. She learns to shut the fuck up and gets a face full of cracka nut and sits there quietly in her own vomit and a pile of spit to allow the white boys cock slobber to dry out. Amazing movie, a must see, get it here.

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Watch sassy Ghetto Gaggers hoe Skyy Black Taking Three White Cocks and learnin to shut the fuck up

Lacey Duvalle Deep Throat Abuse

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Lacy Duvalle Galleries Click Here To See Ebony Hoe Lacy Duvalle Getting FUCKED In The Famous Scene Which Made Her Quit PornLacy Duvalle Galleries Click Here To See The Movie That Made Lacy Duvalle Quit Porn The gorgeous ebony porn star Lacey Duvalle, sassy as you like until she is fed a parade of huge white cocks, gagging down on white cock after white cock, taking it balls deep into the back of the throat, receiving full facials of cracka jizz, vomiting and ending up in a pile of throat fucked white cock muck. Get the full movie and all her amazing throat fucking galleries here.

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Black Ghetto Bitch Nicki B3 Throat Gag Gaggers Non-Stop Cock Gag Puke Free Movie

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Nicki B makes a triumphant return to Ghetto Gaggers and this time she’s giving up that beautiful black ass. We broke from the norm today and switched things up to make it more exciting. First off bad bitch Nicki is locked in the jail cell with a cover over her face. Bam… the guys bust in and throw her on the cot and start ramming her in her shit box. Then it’s ass to mouth face fuck style!!! It’s that kind of filthy nasty porn you love from us! Hard anal… the kind that blows out O rings! Crisp slaps across that face that sends the sistas into rage. Oh man we dun goofed!!! Whether or not Nicki B will return is up in the air after this ghetto get down! It’s even better because she’s hot. Trust me she was knocked down a few pegs with this. I think the hood is gonna be in an uproar…
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Jade Blaze Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Hardcore Deepthroated Choking Free Video

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Jade Blaze… a name you’d think would be attached to a superhero but the only thing super about her was her lack of self worth. With hair reminiscent of Clubber Lang from Rocky 3 her oblong body and a smell that can only be described as “not very flattering” this is our offering to you. Truth be told she wasn’t a complete cunt at all. She was just a pig… a greased pig at that. For a freshly turned 18 year old she actually has experience beyond her years. That’s actually pretty sad. We had fun humiliating this ogre. The guys rolled her around fucked her how they wanted and dumped their loads all over her face. Now all I need is a bottle of rubbing alcohol to rinse out my eyes and a lobotomy to forget this even happened…
Ghetto Gaggers

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Skank Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Mint Deepthroat Fucked Gaggers Insane Vomiting With White Dicks Video

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Mint is a disaster. Clearly she’s a train wreck with big tits. I can’t even find the words to write at this moment because I can’t think of anything besides jumping head first out the window that’s next to me. Don’t get it twisted… we rocked the hell out of this scene but it took fucking forever to finish. I swear it took over 6 hours to shoot this scene. The majority of it was her in the bathroom crying contemplating life decisions and wrestling with inner demons. We left it all on the floor though. Gio pump fucked her throat until epic amounts of slop emptied from her belly. Those big sloppy natural fun bags were flying around as her black ass got drilled. I’m sure when you see this you’re going to think it’s awesome… and it is… but just know that our crew went through hell to bring you this. Yes… we are heroes.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Kianti Ghettogaggers.com Cock Gagging Cum Facials

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Watch ghetto gaggers Kianti gag on 3 white cocksGorgeous and petite this is the way to describe Kianti. She has recently turned 18 and never even sucked cock before never mind had the ghetto gaggers treatment. Watch as this horny ebony teen takes three white boys cocks down the back of her throat, gagging on these cocks and spewing up her lunch. The throat fucking continues and she then she gets fucked by all three white dudes in turn and then to end up with her face covered in spit, puke and cracka nut.
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Watch Ghetto Gaggers Kianti gag on 3 white cocks

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Watch sassy Ghetto Gaggers Kianti 18 Taking Three White Cocks