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Ghetto Gaggers Cock Unnatural Selection Deepthroat

Friday, March 29th, 2019

Unnatural Selection Posted in Free Ghetto Gaggers

I’ve pondered many times why a black girl has big lips. What evolutionary advantages do they have? Every time I ponder this I find myself in a whirlpool of doubt where the only thing I am certain of is how good these got damn lips feel on my dick. Somewhere along the line nature said ‘and thee will be the dick suckers and thee shall sucketh well.’ But lawdy Jesus this girl can form a vacuum around a dick like a Dyson. She was face fucked and sodomized. Bent over and drilled up her asshole with an unholy purpose. She moaned and shivered with delight like good little bitch and took every ounce of iron we could throw her way. She knelt before us and took our oppressor DNA all over her bronze forehead. It glistened under our new lights like fools gold in a distant hill. She liked her face defaced. It made her feel dirty and evoked feelings she would be ashamed to speak of.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Hoe Face Fuck New Wig Same Whore Cock Gagging

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

New Wig Same Whore Posted in Cock Gagging

Man no amount of Yak hair can make an old hood bitch new but they try. She doesn’t seem to like the sex but that’s when we like it so the show continued. As Dice says ‘Ehhhhhhh.’ She got stepped on like a bad pair of brakes and fucked like a retard at an IQ exam. In the end she was reminded that she was a hooker and the earth spins around the sun for another day.

Black Ghetto Gaggers Bukkake Gangbang Porn Karman Webb Throat Gag

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Karman Webb Posted in

Karman Webb returns! This time solo. You may remember her first visit. She was that bitch that put in all the work while Jaime Fetti sat around fucking off. She felt slighted so we brought her back so she can showcase her abilities without some cunt anchor dragging her down. Well this one is off the rails! If you can stomach through the first 2 minutes I applaud you. We all had to take a break clean up and shower. It was that epic gross… but it doesn’t stop there. Her throat was like a Cracker Jack box. Every pump gave us a prize. Ughh! Then as the hard cocks ripped into her pretty black slit she was told to say how much she loved the white man cock. The shame and humility hit hard because it got emotional… but we didn’t stop until loads were shot all over her face. All this happened… and on top of that it was her birthday. You know we had to celebrate it Ghetto Gaggers style!!!

Nasty Ghetto Hoe Kayla Ivy2 Gaggers Throat Fuck Hard Deepthroated Choking Vid

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Kayla Ivy is back. Her first video was good but we knew we could do better. Round 2 is more brutal messier and disgusting. I put my thinking cap on and laid the humiliation and degradation on thick! How you ask? We had her dunk her face in the slop filled dog bowl over and over as she deep throated white cock. We soaked her clothes in the filth and had her model it. Epic amounts of gross flew from her mouth hole. Ewww!!!! Last time she took hard cock in her little black ass. This time around we stuffed both those holes at the same time. This is her first ever DP… ever as in real life too! Both cumshots nailed her face… drenching her in globby white jizz.
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