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Black Ghetto Gaggers Black Slut Degradation Black Belle Knox Cum Facial

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Black Belle Knox Posted in Ebony Video Tube

Remember her? The white one I mean. Well here is her black twin. Same body same mouse features and voice and dingbat laugh. Yup this her swarthy twin. These big dick sucking lips showed off the teleology behind them—intelligent design at it’s best. They sealed around the dick root with an air tight seal as she bobbed up and down without breaking the sacred vacuum. She was so tiny and submissive. She was very very obedient too. Fucked deep in that tight pussy she was ripe to be nutted on. 3 loads shot out and she opened up her mouth to catch it.

Ghetto Gaggers Videos Black Slut Cum Facial Rusty Bling Cum Facial

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Rusty Bling Posted in Deepthroat

Yup she had her rusty bling on. Chained up so she couldn’t escape. Bootzilla was back again and gave her a throttling so good that she was rocking back and forth humming “amazing grace.” Dick was down her throat the entire time and she was a messy one. This scene isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.

Black Ghetto Hood Whore Little Bambi2 Throat Fucked Gaggers Extreme Vomiting Cum Gagging Videos

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Not much time has passed and yet Little Bambi is back. Why? Well… her first visit here was too easy on her so we had to call in reinforcements (aka Bootleg). This time this 18 year old whore had her work cut out for her battling Pauly and Bootleg’s hard cocks down her throat. The action is relentless… but guess what? This little cunt still was able to handle it. However we pushed her to her limit. The action is non-stop cock slinging action. The cocks went deeper. The fucking was harder and the cum shots were bigger. We always step it up on return visits… as did Little Bambi!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Horny Ghetto Slut Kailie Lee Gaggers Deep Throat Fucked Hardcore Spewing On Cocks Movie Download

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Kailie Lee is a black Asian street walking bitch that unusually enjoys her work and loves the semen so much so she uses a spoon to swallow down the white mans cum splattering from her face. During this top video she takes two cocks up her shitter and pussy pukes all over the place as they face fuck and deep throat her silly and then the slapping spitting and the total abuse she receives is just monumental and what we have come to exptect from the ghetto gaggers boys by now. Do not miss this tasty little black slut enjoying her work. Watch Kailie Lee here.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ebony Ghetto Hood Whore Janea Jolie Face Fuck Gaggers Hardcore Puke Over Dicks Free Movie

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Ghetto Gaggers
Twenty Two and straight outta Compton. I love getting the first of something from these Ghetto Whore Zombies. This was the first time in Janea’s life that she got dp’ed ever. A couple not-so-mean-things I can say about her: great attitude, tight banging body, and an asshole that is as tight as a welfare person’s budget. Janea was tossed around like a Raggedy Anefa doll. Her throat pillaged, her asshole plundered, and ended with 3 heaping size amounts on man paste. I don’t even want to say everything that happened in this movie, it’s a MUST SEE.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Skank Ghetto Bitch Paradise Gaggers Face Fucked Extreme Spewing On Multiple Dicks Video

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Paradise is one waste of fucking space black whore that stops by the Ghetto Gaggers face fuck cock gagging cunt destruction club to get a good going over. If this bitch made more of an effort maybe she would get more work or Johns whatever. Seriously though step over to the other side of the street if this hoe approaches you. However Paradise has a smoking body tight ebony booty gorgeous fuckable lips and a wet cunt. The good stuff stops there as the only thing worth throwing a load over this bitch is her face. Watch the amazing abusive Ghetto Gaggers Paradise video here. She will not be back.

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