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Ghetto Gaggers Double Cocked Weave Glue Deepthroat

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Weave Glue Posted in Ebony Facials

We found a solution to all the tumble weaves that lay in vein in slums of Bmore and other hoods that have experienced white flight. Any hood bih knows that these damn hair hats don’t stay put during a night of work so ladies just take it off as you are being face fucked and you have yourselves some glue. A part of knowing your role is knowing how to keep your head dids. That’s how it be.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Cum Swallow Shallow Cervix Cock Gagging

Monday, January 21st, 2019

Shallow Cervix Posted in Deep Throat

What’s with hookers today and a shallow cervix. Where on earth does that mean that I can’t thrust deep. That’s like stepping into the ring and saying ‘don’t punch hard.’ In a porno where hard pounding sex is required if you have a shallow cervix then stay in the shallow water with the little fish. There was a multitude of issues with this one: past trauma current hubby the ability to summon crocodile tears at will yup you name it. She’d go from laughing at jokes to crying at insults moaning with pleasure to crying from getting pounded. This is a tremendous scene. She took 3 loads to face and we emptied the Whore bowl on head for one final meltdown.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Videos Ashley Sin Throat Gag

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Ashley Sin Posted in Deepthroat

Meet Ashley Sin a spunky 20 something that’s lived quite a life already. Let’s see…she’s already been married and divorced twice. She’s tried her hand at stripping driving a truck and now porn. Next week who knows? Today was her first ever scene. Her agent described this as porno boot camp. If so she flunked. Her deep throat game is whack. Much like her personality there’s no depth. On the positive she is nice to look at and well she did try.

Ghetto Gaggers Deepthroat Gag Summer Knight 4 Throat Gag

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Summer Knight 4 Posted in Ebony Facials

This scene is a little different from the rest. Today Summer Knight is back a 4th time but she takes on 3 guys. This is her first DP too and she took that like the thing she was created to be. A whore forged out of laziness and self-loathing and self-fulfilling prophesy where the sole purpose of her menial existence is to serve the white cock. She served it well–and lashings were given and pearly white semen covered her ebony face such that upon completion it appeared to have resembled the work of deity than that of men.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Black Slut Deep Throat Harmony Rose Deep Throat

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Harmony Rose Posted in Free Ghetto Gaggers

Harmony Rose came with a huge price tag attached. Let it be known that Ghetto Gaggers will pay excellent money if you’re a piece of ass and not a shot out fat slob. With the amount of money being spent we wanted to make sure this twat got the full experience. Things started off light hearted and quickly escalated to ‘not fun’ once the action really started. A couple hard slaps and harder cocks down the throat can really change a whore’s mood. In fact it even brought her to tears. We didn’t stop there though. That’s when the scene starts to get even better. Her tiny cunt was stuffed with dicks and then we tried to jam the biggest dildo we could find inside her little pussy. This thing was the size of her calf but we kept pushing. That’s how we roll!

Nasty Ghetto Ho Ashely Luvbug 2 Deep Throat Gag Gaggers Hardcore Spewed Over Cocks Vid

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Ashely Luvbug is the type of whore who is always welcome at Ghetto Gaggers. She’s a petite mixed light skin cutie with a tight firm body with a gorgeous ass and the perkiest little tits I’ve seen in a while. Aside from her incredible body her work ethic is top notch. She does what she’s asked doesn’t act like a cunt and performs at a high level. I wish these other pigs would take a page out of her book. Anyway… let’s get to the details. Gio and Pauly dominated this whore’s throat. Thrusting hard emptying her belly’s contents over and over. Each more epic than the last. This little spinner also loves taking hard white cocks in her cunt. She fucks like a pro… but that’s because she is. Bottom line… this chick is awesome. This scene is awesome. I hope we see her again!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Skank Ghetto Hood Slut Marie Chantilly2 Deep Throating Gaggers Severe Choke Over White Cocks Video Download

Monday, April 6th, 2015

This is a first for me… usually when we have a tapout we never hear from the girl again. This one wanted to come back and prove she could do it… and you know what? She did. The first time Marie Chantilly was in our studio she was crying and screaming her ass off while the guys destroyed her. Since that first visit she became a good bitch… and like any good bitch we put her in the doggy crate. Both guys spit on her and paraded her around on all fours. When it was time to take hard white cocks in her face she did it like a pro. Sure… there was the usual whimpering but this cunt wanted to show us she had what it takes. We threw every trick in the book at her and she kept on going. Huge dildos in her cunt crisp slaps across the face plunger dildo down her throat pimp powder slaps etc. At the end she was left looking like a pile of slop and cum… just the way we like them!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Jade Blaze Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Hardcore Deepthroated Choking Free Video

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Jade Blaze… a name you’d think would be attached to a superhero but the only thing super about her was her lack of self worth. With hair reminiscent of Clubber Lang from Rocky 3 her oblong body and a smell that can only be described as “not very flattering” this is our offering to you. Truth be told she wasn’t a complete cunt at all. She was just a pig… a greased pig at that. For a freshly turned 18 year old she actually has experience beyond her years. That’s actually pretty sad. We had fun humiliating this ogre. The guys rolled her around fucked her how they wanted and dumped their loads all over her face. Now all I need is a bottle of rubbing alcohol to rinse out my eyes and a lobotomy to forget this even happened…
Ghetto Gaggers

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Horny Ghetto Hoe Reeka B Gaggers Deep Throat Gag Abuse Spew Gagging Vid

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Reeka B… this bitch reeks of something alright. Most likely body odor. That’s probably what the “B” in her name stands for. Anyway Reeka has a serious case of resting bitch face. You know the type… she looks pissed at the world even when she’s happy. Here’s the good news she was pretty good at getting hard white cocks shoved down her face. Sure she got uppity a few times but a couple well placed slaps put her back in place. Her sex was sloppy though. I seriously thought we would have to give her oxygen to continue. This pudgy fuck had to keep stopping to catch her breath which was unpleasant smelling by the way.
Ghetto Gaggers

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