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Black Ghetto Gaggers Bitch Swallowing Cum Black History Month Week 1 Deep Throat

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Black History Month Week 1 Posted in Black Bitch Gag

This is a remarkable instructional video of how to destroy a whore’s soul. She got on her knees without question like it was circa 1825. I’ve never seen a dick go down a throat with such ease as she knelt there like the subservient thick thing she is. She holds the whore bowl under her chin like it’s a bib to catch her humiliation exhaust as it gushes over those large dick sucking lips. She got so frustrated she throws one of her hands up in a ‘WTF’ motion because she couldn’t stop it. It was on auto pilot. She was reduced to a mouth that kept spewing. She took the dick nice and deep into that tiny little pussy of hers and you can tell it caused her pain. Over and over and she was thrusted in too deep. We sat her down and she took 3 huge degrading loads to the face. By the time the last load hit she was fighting back tears her mouth got all pouty and her jaw began to quiver. She couldn’t handle the humiliation of 3 loads. It was 1 load too many.

Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Deep Throat Light Skinned And Rimmed Cock Gagging

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Light Skinned And Rimmed Posted in Deepthroat

Not her ass of course. Nothing here is about a whore’s pleasure. There were a lot of firsts here in addition to this being her first scene. She never had a 3some never did anything this hardcore never took a load to the face and never tasted it either. It was impressive how she took dick down her throat. She was a complete newb – better than the pros. She was malleable and just submitted to the white dick with every ounce of her soul. She’d flail around like she had the holy ghost in her. It was as if it she were in a sermon and Pastors Harker and Jay D were preaching to the choir and hitting a chord on the pipe organ. She took 3 huge loads to the face which prompted a visceral reaction. The novel smell taste and texture was overwhelming but she ate it all every last drop of the white man’s DNA – billions of potential white lives did not matter.