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Ghetto Gaggers GG Videos We Wuz Kangs Cock Gagging

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

We Wuz Kangs Posted in Ghetto Gaggers Video

And then the chains came out. A little tear rolled down her cheek as she got as quiet as mouse. Her mouth wide open a dick thrusting in and out of it and silence. This might be the only place on earth where a black chick isn’t popping off and Aiden isn’t her kang. Ghetto Gaggers uses patent pending technology to bring them to heel and obey every command. It’s magical and I recommend it to all men who have a bellicose black girl as a significant other. Dick down the throat face fucked to perfection with a side of long dick up the pussy. 3 loads to the face and let it baste under the lights. Problem solved.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Multiple Cock Facials 18 And Owned Throat Gag

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

18 And Owned Posted in Black Bitch Gag

Thank the lord for 18 year olds. In an age where no one wants to accept responsibly before the age of retirement I appreciate a hot 18 year old Sub-Saharan getting throttled by a man with duct tape over the Nike logo on his sneakers. Nothing says ‘Murica and Patriarchy as loudly as Ghetto Gaggers but no need for thanks and applause. She took dick right down her throat like a pro and made a mess. It was gangsta. It’s absolutely fantastic when an inexperienced girl tells you ‘it burns’ when you are slamming her pussy. They are still too inexperienced to realize that burn is that pussy being destroyed. She was sat down and nutted on. Two huge loads. She ate every drop and then was antiqued properly.

Ghetto Gaggers Videos Cock Ghetto Gaggers Chicken Head Deepthroat

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Ghetto Gaggers Chicken Head Posted in Deepthroat

She actually clucked for us as she moved her head up and down like a barn yard bitch. This was her first porno and it shows however she really did a great job. She took dick in her ass and then went right back down on it balls deep. She got bitch slapped like she was hit with a stray double dutch rope but she just kept on going. With a nice set of perky tits she managed to take the white mans dick in all her holes and her big lips provided the vacuum to perform a face fucking blowjob properly. She reluctantly sat down to receive her facial and two giant nuts were applied to her pretty black skin that shimmered with pearly white cum. She’s an obedient one for sure.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Download Black Soccer Mom Cum Facial

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Black Soccer Mom Posted in Throat Gag

Somehow this image is foreign to my mind. I picture a helmet and pads and taking a knee during the anthem—not kicking around a ball back and forth that looks like an apartment adorned in subway tile. So here you have this industrious momma right before baby daddy day on her knees sucking two white dicks to make ends meet. I can high five a hooker for that. I think sex workers need support and that’s why we pay these cretins so well. This one was quite sloppy. Something was always going in and coming out of her mouth—except sass. She was well mannered. Surprisingly. She got right down on her knees before I could roll a dice and pick up some dominoes. She was told to bend over she just grabbed her ankles and took white dick hard right in the pussy. After that she sat down on her hood-booty and took two nuts to the five head like a good hooker. She basted in it for awhile but she was none concerned. She heard the printer spitting out her check—which was cashed at a check cashing bodega later that evening.

Black Ghetto Gaggers Multi Cock Bukkake Das Races Cock Gagging

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Das Races Posted in Ebony Facials

Yup we were off to the races as soon as the record button was pressed. Dicks were flying in from all directions like a covert mission on an inter-sectional feminist’s compound. Slobber was emptied from guts as her proletariat face was fucked by her oppressors (who ironically got paid less than she did). She hung in there getting her brown cheerio blasted open and gaped that it look like Shaft himself just left that asshole. Shut yo mouth! After tiring of her holes and company it was time to all beat off on her face. One by one she took cum to the face. A beautiful full coverage facial. She looked like she just came up from falling in a pool. We all know how much sistas love pools.

Horny Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Angie Throat Fuck Gaggers Puke On Multi Cocks Video

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Angie with a completely fuckable tight little body and a fine black booty gets the Ghetto Gaggers deepthroat cock gag and puke routine with no holds barred. At first this silly hoe resists the cocks and complains about the fucking. Not long after this she has the full gushing of puke from a throat that has been well and truly deep fucked. Angie makes another excellent ghetto gaggers video even if it did take around seven hours to produce with all the complaining and resisting but it was well worth it as you will see. Download Ghetto Gaggers Angie video here

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