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Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Whited Out Posted in Ebony Video Tube

When a white guy has a light skinned first timer on her knees ready to receive dick you know it’s going to be an interesting evening. She shows up in a sports bra pulls out her fat black titties and white boys went to work on the wreck. Over and over she was going dick to balls and making all kinds of sloppy hooker noises and making a giant mess. She bent over and got fucked right in the asshole. She said “I don’t like getting fuck in the ass” but no one paid any mind to that. After getting filled with dick she got covered in two huge loads and sat there befuddled and covered in the white man’s seminal superiority.

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Friday, March 1st, 2019

Ghetto Gaggers Chicken Head Posted in Deepthroat

She actually clucked for us as she moved her head up and down like a barn yard bitch. This was her first porno and it shows however she really did a great job. She took dick in her ass and then went right back down on it balls deep. She got bitch slapped like she was hit with a stray double dutch rope but she just kept on going. With a nice set of perky tits she managed to take the white mans dick in all her holes and her big lips provided the vacuum to perform a face fucking blowjob properly. She reluctantly sat down to receive her facial and two giant nuts were applied to her pretty black skin that shimmered with pearly white cum. She’s an obedient one for sure.

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Sha Dynasty 2 Posted in Deep Throat

Some old biddies cant get enough. Since last time this filth hole graced us we plugged her up with Bootleg and Sam we decided to just treat her like the whore she is. We sent Pauly Harker and JD to give her the furious fucking she so deserves. These guys didn’t let her catch a breath the face fucking was flawless and brutal. Shady nasty bitches need not apply.