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Thank the lord for 18 year olds. In an age where no one wants to accept responsibly before the age of retirement I appreciate a hot 18 year old Sub-Saharan getting throttled by a man with duct tape over the Nike logo on his sneakers. Nothing says ‘Murica and Patriarchy as loudly as Ghetto Gaggers but no need for thanks and applause. She took dick right down her throat like a pro and made a mess. It was gangsta. It’s absolutely fantastic when an inexperienced girl tells you ‘it burns’ when you are slamming her pussy. They are still too inexperienced to realize that burn is that pussy being destroyed. She was sat down and nutted on. Two huge loads. She ate every drop and then was antiqued properly.


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I love putting a collar on a black girl. It’s a very humbling thing. I base this off of the body language they exhibit once it’s been buckled and the leash attached. Especially when you start dictating orders like ‘speak sit roll over’ their eyes glaze over and they comply with said command. A good pat to the hair hat in a show of affection and she’s eager and willing to please. She allowed her ass to be fucked hard. She was drenched in spit and given a firm slap. She rode the dick nice and hard and took a huge load to the face like a good girl.


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She’s not big enough to be a hood rat. She’s like 85 lbs and needs some more grits to fatten her flat ass up. She comes in with these two pom pom’s on each side of her head trying to look cute. It looked instead as if someone took a small push mower and trimmed her fro like a poodle. She took a good face fucking throated fucked hard up her little pussy. She was placed down took two loads to the face and the contents of the whore bowl. She was an obedient little sub Saharan.


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We found a solution to all the tumble weaves that lay in vein in slums of Bmore and other hoods that have experienced white flight. Any hood bih knows that these damn hair hats don’t stay put during a night of work so ladies just take it off as you are being face fucked and you have yourselves some glue. A part of knowing your role is knowing how to keep your head dids. That’s how it be.


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Yup bitch get down on your knees. There will be no uprising today. Not on my watch. You will be servicing white dicks nothing more. You will suck them until their balls bounce of your chin and until they have thrusted painfully into your womb. You will be covered in 3 loads as you sit there humbled by the pale patriarchy.


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Remember her? The white one I mean. Well here is her black twin. Same body same mouse features and voice and dingbat laugh. Yup this her swarthy twin. These big dick sucking lips showed off the teleology behind them—intelligent design at it’s best. They sealed around the dick root with an air tight seal as she bobbed up and down without breaking the sacred vacuum. She was so tiny and submissive. She was very very obedient too. Fucked deep in that tight pussy she was ripe to be nutted on. 3 loads shot out and she opened up her mouth to catch it.


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That’s what she said… She’s into whitey. It seems more and more black girls are getting into their pale counterparts these days. I’d be a liar if I said black girls didn’t give better head. They seem to be able to form a better vacuum around the dick for some unexplained reason. This sista is a first timer with absolutely beautiful natural tits and a throat that feels like the tightest pussy ever created. Being a first timer she was mortified by the things that were happening to her. I hope you will be too.


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It began with a fat black girl on the couch and it ended with a fat black girl on the floor with cum on her face and she ate it because she’s fat.


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When you bust a nut on a large forehead and it lands like the McDonald’s logo I’m lovin’ it. We slapped her face like we were slappin’ da bass. She ate some man ass as she stroked the dick. She made an absolute mess of herself and her OCD got the best of her. She tried to keep it together but she wasn’t allowed to move as spit and cum reigned down her and then topped off with a pour of whore bowl. She shuddered.


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In between squash and polo I often find time to piss people off. Who’d have ever thought in this day and age people would still get upset seeing two white boys fuck a black girl in the ass and then deliver that soiled sword to her mouth. Apparently some closed minded individuals take umbrage with this. I however do not. The pale patriarchy delivered its weaponized masculinity right down her food sock for an epic face fucking bent her over DP’d her fucked her in the asshole sat her down and busted 3 huge loads of white sunshine all over her sable identity.