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Here we have a Blasian. Now where does she fit on the oppression index in the oppression Olympics. Her mom is black her dad is Korean (usually it’s the opposite) so what happens here? When she applies to college is it like an algebraic equation? -1 for being Korean and +1 for being black? Does it cancel out? In what circumstances does she pull the “black card?” That black card has more power than my Amex black card. What about Jim Crow? Being that she’s half asian is now Dim Sum Crow? I’m confused and frightened now. Remember when things were normal before horse toothed AOC started popping off? I digress. She got fucked in the ass and caused to eat that dick that just left her tail pipe all the while being strapped into our new bondage device we affectionately named “The Uncle Tom.” She took 2 loads to her face and was left to ponder these progressive conundrums all by herself. I’m putting on my MAGA hat and chirping second out of the parking lot.


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