Ghetto Gaggers Cum Eyelash Malfunction Throat Gag

Eyelash Malfunction Posted in Cock Gagging

It never fails. Shortly after a ‘hoe is on her knees there is an eyelash missing and bootleg has it on the head of his dick. ‘Open up’ he said and next thing you know that fat helmet with the hitleresque stache was drilling her throat. It wasn’t long before little whore tears began to roll down her cheeks and her base coat was running down her face and she started to look like a S’mores. Somehow we managed to get through it with only one slight meltdown. She was getting her chicken head down to the balls with almost every bob–testicles were waterfalls of shame regret shame and breakfast. 2 loads to the face and a final whimper–fade to black.


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