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Black Ghetto Gaggers Black Bitch Gagged Oprah And Michael Strahan Cum Facial

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Oprah And Michael Strahan Posted in Deep Throat

Oprah and Michael Strahan. Sometimes when you’re at a bar perhaps a restaurant perhaps a Red Lobster when two nice black folks on a date sit next to each other in the booth instead of across (don’t know why they do that…) you can merge or meld what 2 people might look like if they mated. For example if you were to take Tyrone and merge it with Tyrese you’d get Tyrell. Imagine that?! Well here you have the result of Michael Strahan and Oprah. You have uprights for front teeth and the face of an angry hog boring down at you at 25 mph in a Giants helmet because you ate the last cheddar biscuit. Every time a cock went into her mouth I kept putting my arms up like it was an overtime field goal. Similar to when an elephant seal emerges from the sea and swings its tusks around-you back up out of respect. I did not want to aggravate this angry black beach king. I will say though she knew her role pretty well and I was quite amazed with her work ethic. I would actually give this chick a position that didn’t require her being on her knees that’s how great her work ethic was. And-get this-she was punctual which defies the general CPT rule. Absolute mind fuck. It was like Criss Angel was holding the clock you can never trust the mind-freak. The best part is the end: where she’s sitting in disgust with loads on her face trying to keep in her pride and the contents of her stomach.

Ghetto Gaggers Videos Ebonytube Mya Mays Deep Throat

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Mya Mays Posted in Free Ghetto Gaggers

Mya Mays is quickly making a name for herself in the porn game. She’s shooting for a lot of the other top companies but you can bet your ass it’s nothing like this! Aside from completely destroying this piece of ass we also fucked her in it. Yeah… first anal for this cunt. Not only that… first on camera DP as well. That’s the perfect addition to a thrashed out throat hole. You’re going to love this scene. Top tier talent destroyed the way only we can!

Ghetto Gaggers Bukkake Porn Trazcy Kush 2 Deep Throat

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Trazcy Kush 2 Posted in Ghetto Gaggers Videos,Cum Facial,Black Bitch Gag

The fans have spoken. Word on the street was that Trazcy Kush’s first visit was a huge success. You mother fuckers loved that bitch. So she was brought back and we upped the ante like you know we do. First things first… this one is way gross. Lots of filthy slop oozing from her whore hole. Of course there’s more anal and DP. Hell… we even broke out the anal hook and dragged her black ass (literally) around the floor. There’s even some stuff that I’m not sure will make the final cut. She outdid herself this time. Kudos!

Free Ghetto Gaggers Many Cocks Cum Facial Tiny Ebony Cock Gagging

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Tiny Ebony Posted in Deep Throat

Brand new and ready to take the porn world by storm is Tiny Ebony. Her first stop Ghetto Gaggers. Honestly this could be the nail in the coffin to most but surprisingly… this whore relished in the punishment dished out to her. She didn’t go and cry like a little bitch like most of the degenerates that end up on the couch. Tiny Ebony is starting pretty late in life. She’s 29 which in the porn world may as well be 80. The good news is she kept her body up. She handles hard cocks down her throat better than I would have expected a gag virgin to have… but that’s really just her submissive side doing what it’s supposed to do which is submitting to the white man.

Skank Ghetto Hood Whore Karen Paije Gaggers Face Fuck Abuse Spew Cumshot Facial Movie

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Pure adrenaline today baby! Meet Karen Paije… a 105 pound piece of hot fuck meat. I’m talking this whore’s body is phenomenal. Here’s the scoop. She’s never done a porn before. She’s never sold that pussy for cash. She’s about as fresh as they come… innocent and naive. Sweet baby Jebus… Pauly went ape shit on her. That cock looked like a forearm impaling into her head. When it hit the slit he blew out her cervix. Unreal action man! Oh… did I mention she’s like top tier hot too? We spoiled you today. Enjoy!
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Black Ghetto Slut Pixie Minx Face Fuck Gaggers Hard Hurl Over Cock Free Movie

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

We have an exciting scene for you today. Meet Pixie Minx… the five foot light skin brand new to porn submissive whore with the monster booty. Today was a win. First off this cunt is pretty fucking cute. Second for someone who’s never done porn she fucking nailed one of the most difficult scenes in porn… and looked hot doing it. Oh it gets even better. Not only has she never been with 2 guys at once before but this is her first time ever being with a white guy. Trust me she’s hooked on that white cock now. She fantasized about being slapped around choked spit on and treated like an animal. Watching her chug down thick and hard white cock will have your balls boiling. Yeah it got messy… but she kept on keeping on! Her tiny cunt was stretched wide by white meat. I don’t know if she’ll go back to black. I think we stole this one from the brothas. Sorry!
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Nasty Ghetto Hood Whore London Blaq2 Deep Throating Gaggers Abuse Deepthroated Spew Movie

Monday, November 24th, 2014

London Blaq… NYC’s premier hood rat is back again. It’s been only a few weeks since her last visit but this skank is all about wanting to be a porn star and she knows we can make or break you. Whenever a girl comes back you guys know that we try and step it up improve or add something new since the last scene. Today the most we could get from her is double vag. So Pauly and Gio both stuffed their hard white meat in her cunt box and fucked hard. I was actually surprised how easily their cocks fit until I remembered who we were dealing with… Sadly I don’t remember much of the first scene but I do remember her being a cunt. Today she proved to be a WAY bigger cunt. I’m glad that the face fucking was intense as it was. We even had to chain her up to keep the hood animation to a minimum. This one is very messy.
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Dirty Ghetto Hoodrat Ho Sasha White Gaggers Deepthroat Fucked Severe Puke With Multi Cocks Video

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Sasha White wants to be a porn star… but no one wants to have sex with her. That’s quite a conundrum. She has a nice set of big natural tits but a face like Cuba Gooding Jr. By the time the scene was over if felt like I was in a sequel to Boyz N the Hood. Seriously though… this scene is fucking gross! I can not begin to describe the things that were pouring out of her belly. Chunks and chunks of epic grossness… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The things that happened after… sweet baby Jesus! It’s a shame this pig is so beat. With her no-holds barred attitude she could go far. Unfortunately her face and body make her a dead-end.
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Alexis Mitchell 2 Gaggers Throat Fuck Abuse Puking Cumshot Facials Video

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Alexis Mitchell… the darkest whore I’ve ever shot. Almost one of the most frustrating scenes I’ve ever shot. For someone who claims to never really have much sex… this stickly malnourished looking whore can take cock all the way down the balls like a seasoned pro. I knew just looking at her that it wasn’t going to be messy. Christ knows she probably hasn’t eaten a real meal in a week. We did break her anal cherry though. Gio crammed his big cock up her crap cave and fucked her hard. She’ll probably be sitting on a bag of ice later tonight… but that’s what she gets for selling her ass on the internet.
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Black Ghetto Bitch Juicy Jade Deep Throat Gaggers Hardcore Puke Gag Vid

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Juicy Jade is a 25 year old working as a clerk in a sex toy shop. She’s pretty much done everything in the sex biz. She’s stripped escorted and now making ends meet by barfing down on hard white cock for Ghetto Gaggers. When I say barf I mean epic amounts. Juicy Jade was such a good obedient bitch today. She took the cock punishment like a seasoned pro. Even Harker’s heavy handed slap didn’t do much to sway her from finishing. This is a pig on a mission. Get ready for the gross guys. This one is filthy!
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