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Becca Lee 2 Ghetto Gaggers Videos Black Slut Deepthroat Dick Choking Gag Vid Download

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Becca Lee 2 Cheap Slut Deep Gag HD Video Ghetto Gaggers Videos


Becca Lee the whitest black girl I’ve ever met is back. Don’t adjust your color balance. She is really that light skin. For a tiny little whore she withstood the punished we laid out. Round 2 is always extra brutal and messy. Her face hole was thrashed with hard cocks and she spilled her guts all over herself. We’ve seem some epic stomach gushers in our day and she launched some really messy slop volcanoes during this scene. Becca the midget was thrown around and fucked hard… just how she liked it. Hell we rocked her body with the drilldo too. That sent her over the top. We didn’t want her to enjoy it so we stopped when it felt too good. We’re dicks. Anyway… scene 2 is amazeballs. Yeah!

Kitty Catherine Ghetto Gaggers Videos Ebony Slags Simulated Cock Choke Download

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Kitty Catherine  Bitch Face Fucking Movie Ghetto Gaggers Videos


This cunt right here… comes in wasting everyone’s time. She started off trying to act all coy. That lasted a minute before she cashed that reality check. All of us unloaded our rage on her instantly breaking her. Tears screams… terror. It’s no wonder she instantly tapped. We got through one horrific position before she said Fuck this shit…” and bounced. Before she left we gave her a parting gift in the form of two loads to the face. Then I chased her black ass out the mother fucking studio.”

Kiianna Cox Ghetto Gaggers Videos Ebony Hoe Deepthroated & Fucked Videos

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Kiianna Cox  Slut Bukkake Cum Facials Movies Ghetto Gaggers Videos


Kiianna Cox led a troubled life. Let’s just say her first sexual experiences came at an extremely early age and that led to a domino effect of bad decisions… which ultimately led her to our couch. Whores with no soul are the best. They know their worth is zero and they’re only purpose in life is to provide a wet hole for men to use to cum. Things got emotional and we capitalized on it. Harker and Bootleg gave zero fucks when it came to her sob story. They came in and destroyed that already wrecked pussy Ghetto Gaggers style!

Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Chellie Rain 2 Gaggers Cock Gag Abuse Spewing On Multiple Dicks Videos

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Someone’s been practicing butt fucking and wanted to come back to show off. Yeah Chellie Rain is back for another amazing Ghetto Gaggers performance… this time that hood ass was destroyed… literally. Round 2 is more sloppy nastier and action packed. She even stepped up to the plate and took a double penetration. Her real reactions are a testament to our awesomeness. She screamed out how much she loved being dominated by white cocks. It can’t be racist if it’s true. So take that black America. Ghetto Gaggers is stealing your bitches!
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Ebony Ghetto Ho Innicent Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Insane Puking Cumshot Facials Free Movie

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

“Innicent”… yup she’s as stupid as the spelling on her name. That’s what happens when you’re an uneducated black girl living in the hood trying to make ends meet. It’s a shame with this one because her body is really nice. Her face is a bust though. Her deep throat game is horrible. The guys described it as shoving their cocks in a wood chipper… but she can take it in the ass like a boss. I’m guessing that’s a regular thing in the hood so they don’t procreate. As far as a future in porn nope. However we destroyed this girl. Her rep is shit. We are awesome though!
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Ashely Luvbug 3 Gaggers Throat Fucking Excessive Puking On Many Cocks Videos

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

We don’t ask girls back 3 times unless we and you (the fans) enjoy their work. Having Ashely Luvbug back again is a no brainer. That little cunt is built for this shit. This time around the action is messier and more humiliating than ever. Bootleg takes control and gives her a visit to remember. Oh man watching that petite little frame get destroyed by hard cock was a sight to behold. There’s no end to this whore’s depravity. Hopefully we’ll get her back to bang the entire gang at once but until that time… this awesome scene should hold you over!
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Black Ghetto Whore Kay Love Destinee Jackson Gaggers Throat Fuck Extreme Spewing On Multiple Dicks Free Movie

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Today we brought two all stars back for an epic scene. Kay Love has been here several times. She rocks it every time. Destinee Jackson is new having only one porn (ours) under her belt but she was so fucking awesome that we had have her make a triumphant return. So what can you expect? Well… picture two of the best Ghetto Gaggers girls doing what they do together. We not only raised the bar but we blew the mother fucker out of the stadium. Twice as messy. Twice as brutal. Twice as degrading. You name it… it’s in here. Special moments like this only come around once in a while and when it does you know we make it worth it. I have to say this one is already a favorite of mine. Enjoy!!!
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Black Ghetto Hoe Jazzi Lai Gaggers Deep Throat Fucked Ultimate Puking With Dick Vid

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Don’t let her stupid name fool you… this chick is the real deal. She’s brand new. In fact this is her first ever scene. We’re talking this cunt is a real civilian. She’s never stripped or sold her pussy before. She described herself as an undercover freak. I didn’t believe it but now I do. We had an absolute ball pushing her to her limit. She was slapped around choked spit on… and the face fucking was both intense and messy… VERY MESSY. Next up watching her dark cherry pussy getting crammed with hard white cocks and her tiny butt hole getting split in half. She even got double penetrated. This shoot is something we’re all pleased to lend our name on. It’s awesome.
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Nasty Ghetto Hoe Kayla Ivy2 Gaggers Throat Fuck Hard Deepthroated Choking Vid

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Kayla Ivy is back. Her first video was good but we knew we could do better. Round 2 is more brutal messier and disgusting. I put my thinking cap on and laid the humiliation and degradation on thick! How you ask? We had her dunk her face in the slop filled dog bowl over and over as she deep throated white cock. We soaked her clothes in the filth and had her model it. Epic amounts of gross flew from her mouth hole. Ewww!!!! Last time she took hard cock in her little black ass. This time around we stuffed both those holes at the same time. This is her first ever DP… ever as in real life too! Both cumshots nailed her face… drenching her in globby white jizz.
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Black Ghetto Slut Pixie Minx Face Fuck Gaggers Hard Hurl Over Cock Free Movie

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

We have an exciting scene for you today. Meet Pixie Minx… the five foot light skin brand new to porn submissive whore with the monster booty. Today was a win. First off this cunt is pretty fucking cute. Second for someone who’s never done porn she fucking nailed one of the most difficult scenes in porn… and looked hot doing it. Oh it gets even better. Not only has she never been with 2 guys at once before but this is her first time ever being with a white guy. Trust me she’s hooked on that white cock now. She fantasized about being slapped around choked spit on and treated like an animal. Watching her chug down thick and hard white cock will have your balls boiling. Yeah it got messy… but she kept on keeping on! Her tiny cunt was stretched wide by white meat. I don’t know if she’ll go back to black. I think we stole this one from the brothas. Sorry!
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