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Ghetto Gaggers Face Abuse Fat Black Titties Cock Gagging

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Fat Black Titties Posted in Cock Gagging

Anytime a sister walks in with a pair of big stupid Warby Parker’s and Mr. Pete snaps them in two I’m sold. I mean no one likes big hipster glasses. It’s 2018. Is Blipster a word? It is now. It should be. This lazy ass couldn’t support her own weight so obviously it’s the story of a well built white guy fucking an overweight black girl with type 2 diabetes. She got stomped out like a campfire and took it like a good bitch. Then she was doused in her own slop. She was treated properly.

Ghetto Gaggers Face Abuse As Macho Man Said Deepthroat

Monday, December 10th, 2018

As Macho Man Said Posted in Ebony Facials

‘And the beat goes on.’ This is one of those scenes where the more things change the more they stay the same. Sometimes you just have to go back to basics and knock off the bougie crap. She took a good face fucking. Her pussy pounded hard and her mind fucked. She flipped her wig but she kept on going. This is the kind of whore we like at Ghetto Gaggers. She was so submissive. She must have a thing for rough sex with white guys. She had zero sass which is good because white guys don’t take that shit like ya’ll brothers do. No diss I got love for y’all.

Ghetto Gaggers Throttling Bigfoot Cock Gagging

Sunday, December 9th, 2018

Bigfoot Posted in Ebony Facials

And there was. She was literally lit up. And there was no sass or head shaking. No resistance at all. She just got down on her knees and began to please. She was getting all of her holes plugged and she was a total mess but she loved rolling around in own swill. She was treated to all kinds of roughness and cruel devices but she kept taking it because she was told to. Her ass and pussy were destroyed and her deep throat skills were incredible. After the brutal face fucking and other humiliating things that were done tons of cum was applied to her face. She was told to eat it all and she reluctantly did. Apparently she never swallowed cum before.

Black Ghetto Gaggers Hoodrat Roxxy Rides 2 Cum Facial

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Roxxy Rides 2 Posted in Ebony Facials

Roxxy Rides should change her name to Roxxy Repulsive. She came back again to take on the cock slingers here at and this time she didn’t really have what it takes. Our guys soldiered through the stank and sludge that makes up Roxxy in this scene. Giving her a dick in each hole while she does her best impression of a garbage bag. It didn’t take long for Roxxy to just dissociate from reality when these guys blew their loads all over her stupid face.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Videos Ashley Sin Throat Gag

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Ashley Sin Posted in Deepthroat

Meet Ashley Sin a spunky 20 something that’s lived quite a life already. Let’s see…she’s already been married and divorced twice. She’s tried her hand at stripping driving a truck and now porn. Next week who knows? Today was her first ever scene. Her agent described this as porno boot camp. If so she flunked. Her deep throat game is whack. Much like her personality there’s no depth. On the positive she is nice to look at and well she did try.

Ghetto Gaggers Deepthroat Gag Summer Knight 4 Throat Gag

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Summer Knight 4 Posted in Ebony Facials

This scene is a little different from the rest. Today Summer Knight is back a 4th time but she takes on 3 guys. This is her first DP too and she took that like the thing she was created to be. A whore forged out of laziness and self-loathing and self-fulfilling prophesy where the sole purpose of her menial existence is to serve the white cock. She served it well–and lashings were given and pearly white semen covered her ebony face such that upon completion it appeared to have resembled the work of deity than that of men.

Black Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Whore Trazcy Kush Throat Gag

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Trazcy Kush Posted in Free Ghetto Gaggers,Cock Gagging,Ebony Facials

You know that saying ‘You ain’t about that life’. It’s used to spot posers. Well tonight we officially found a whore who absolutely 100% IS about this life. Meet Trazcy Kush… a 28 year old petite little bitch who came to Ghetto Gaggers and fucking ROCKED it. Sure… Trazcy has her flaws… her tits for example. They’re completely deflated but the good news is that she’s saving up her porno money to buy new ones. Performance wise what more could you ask for. This white cock slut takes it hard in every hole… and she’s got that big jungle booty that just looks so good swallowing a fat cock. You’re going to enjoy this one fellas. We have a true ghetto gaggers star in the making!

Passion Rose Ghetto Gaggers Video Ebony Whores Deepthroated Fucking HD Vid

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Passion Rose Skank Hoe Cock Choking Free Video Ghetto Gaggers Video


HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! What a night. I’m still beside myself as to what happened so excuse me if I’m all over the place but my mind is completely blown. Here’s what happened. First the night started off with a typical whore Passion Rose getting dropped off at the studio by her mom… HER FUCKING MOM!!! Her mom waited in the car while her daughter got the shit slapped out of her and gagged beyond comprehension. Only lasting a few positions Passion Rose threw in the towel… but we weren’t finished with her. After some negotiations and dropping big fucking money we convinced her mom to come in and sit behind her daughter while Harker and Bootleg jizzed and spit all over her fucking face. Her mom held her daughter’s head nice and still so the cum would land perfectly. This was all unscripted action. We’ve had tap-outs before but never anything as epic as this!

Destiny Cocks 2 Ghetto Gaggers Video Ebony Whore Facially Abused Vid Download

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Destiny Cocks 2 Easy Whore Deep Throat Fucked Movies Ghetto Gaggers Video


I knew this whore was going to fail before we even started. I called it. Destiny Cocks was here six years ago and guess what she’s been not doing during her time away? Practicing how to deep throat. She looks good has a decent body and probably one of the top ten asses I’ve seen but damn this girl fights tooth and nail to get a cock down her throat. We did what we could to teach her… so take that into consideration when watching. Some chicks take to cock like a fish to water others… well you’ll see.

Araya Sunshine Ghetto Gaggers Video Black Hoes Deepthroated Abuse Download

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Araya Sunshine Skank Whore Abuse Video Rar Ghetto Gaggers Video


A’raya Sunshine is not a ray or sunshine. She’s a bitter crusty whore who bit off more than she could chew by being here. I’ll give props where appropriate. Her deep throat game is pretty tight. She takes it deep which is good. Her attitude needed an adjustment though… and we’re the #1 stop in fixing shit like that. I could see her blood boiling as the shoot went on. She took it all until the very end when she lost her cool. Her last ditch effort to take the upper hand back fired though. No whore is going to come to our place and win. Whores don’t win. Ever.