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Ghetto Gaggers Video Black Ghetto Gagger Stephinne Reigns Deepthroat

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Stephinne Reigns Posted in

This video should be used as a deterrent for those whores looking to get into porn. It’s shows the brutal reality of signing up to do something that’s clearly out of your comfort zone. Meet Stephinne Reigns a stripper retard who spells her name like an idiot. She wants to make a splash in the porn biz. She has the body and the looks but not the skills. That’s ok. The Ghetto Gaggers class is tough but we train cunts to do their fucking jobs. At the end of the day this fuck stick learned real good. She had hard white cocks jammed down her throat and slaps so crisp across her face she almost quit. We used up that smooth black pussy pumping fat meat all up inside her guts and then blowing monster jizz loads across her dumb face. She left humiliated. Good!

Ghetto Gaggers Cum Swallow Whore Hennie Sweet Deep Throat

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Hennie Sweet Posted in

Ever hear the saying ‘gay for pay’. That’s when men or women do gay porn just for the money having no real attraction towards the opposite sex. Well today we filmed it’s polar opposite… straight for pay. Granted at one time Hennie Sweet found solace in the arms of a man but that man wronged her. Now she enjoys the company of dykes. After this scene she hopes to make only girl on girl porn so this is her farewell to cock. It’s a shame because she ended up being built for this. This poor broken soul must have endured the unthinkable to shape her into the cock guzzling ghetto hood booger she is now. Whoever did that… we thank you. We’ll carry the torch from here on…

Black Ghetto Gaggers Bukkake Gangbang Porn Karman Webb Throat Gag

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Karman Webb Posted in

Karman Webb returns! This time solo. You may remember her first visit. She was that bitch that put in all the work while Jaime Fetti sat around fucking off. She felt slighted so we brought her back so she can showcase her abilities without some cunt anchor dragging her down. Well this one is off the rails! If you can stomach through the first 2 minutes I applaud you. We all had to take a break clean up and shower. It was that epic gross… but it doesn’t stop there. Her throat was like a Cracker Jack box. Every pump gave us a prize. Ughh! Then as the hard cocks ripped into her pretty black slit she was told to say how much she loved the white man cock. The shame and humility hit hard because it got emotional… but we didn’t stop until loads were shot all over her face. All this happened… and on top of that it was her birthday. You know we had to celebrate it Ghetto Gaggers style!!!

Free Ghetto Gaggers Multiple Cum Facial Tiny Ebony 3 Cock Gagging

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Tiny Ebony 3 Posted in

Some bitches just can’t stay away. Tiny Ebony came back to find out what the third strike feels like. With Jimmy out of the office Duke had to tag me in to learn this whore the right way. Mr Bootleg fed this garbage fire his cock until she emptied herself repeatedly into her whore bowl soul food and all. We know that once you relieve yourself of all dignity you need to take back some of that nutrition so we shoved it right where it belongs up her ghetto ass. We filled that gaping black asshole with cock and cream then made sure she got a good taste of it before we painted her face white like a respectable member of society. This whore was the most disgusting piece of inhuman waste I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. Oh well all in a day’s work.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Facefuck Summer Knight 3 Cum Facial

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Summer Knight 3 Posted in

The fans have spoken… and it’s because of you that the legend was pulled out of retirement. I’m not talking about that whore Summer Knight. Who fucking cares about her. I’m talking about Bootleg. Yes!!! He’s back!!! It was just like old times watching Bootleg and Pauly destroy long legged Summer Knight. True she’s pretty and yes she gets down with the nasty! Today was a perfect storm (meaning everything just went right). The final result… an incredible scene! Trust me fellas… this is one you want to see!!!

Ghetto Gaggers Videos Black Bitch Gagged Lola Bricks Cock Gagging

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Lola Bricks Posted in

Lola Bricks was dealt a real blow tonight… actually several across her face. Too bad this dumb cunt quit because I would have really enjoyed watching her 18 year old body get used and fucked. It turns out she could only last for about 5 minutes before running for the hills. We call that a tap out. Honestly it’s been a while since some dumb twat threw in the towel but it’s bound to happen. At least we had the pleasure of ruining this idiot’s life even more that nature already has.

Black Ghetto Gaggers Face Fuck Tiny Ebony 2 Deep Throat

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Tiny Ebony 2 Posted in Gaggers

The word on the street is Tiny Ebony is blowing up thanks to us at gaggers. Well any whore we film that puts in work and doesn’t throw us under the bus earns the absolute right to return for at least a second shoot. This time around we took extra special care of this petite sperm receptacle. Knowing her gaps and sliippery slits could take some serious pounding the guys went ahead and just laid into her. Oh… the humiliation awesome! By the end of these scenes she was almost swimming in her own slop (good thing she wore a bathing suit!) flailing about in spit bile and jizz. The streets screamed ENCORE UN FOIS! This is unforgettable!