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Ghetto Gaggers Video Multi Facials Sodomized Black Queen Deep Throat

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

Sodomized Black Queen Posted in Ebony Video Tube

When two white boys have you on all fours barking like a puppy and then fuck your ass until it won’t remain shut you have what I call ‘a lesson in obedience.’ To top it all off she was placed in a restraint device that we affectionately named ‘The Uncle Tom’ and she was caused to submit even further as she was fucked deep and hard in all of her holes. Her behavior was modified MK-Ultra style and it will be some time before she shakes her head in a sassy gesticulative fashion. She was essentially ‘cured’ of the BT 1000 attitude.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Multiple Cock Facials 18 And Owned Throat Gag

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

18 And Owned Posted in Black Bitch Gag

Thank the lord for 18 year olds. In an age where no one wants to accept responsibly before the age of retirement I appreciate a hot 18 year old Sub-Saharan getting throttled by a man with duct tape over the Nike logo on his sneakers. Nothing says ‘Murica and Patriarchy as loudly as Ghetto Gaggers but no need for thanks and applause. She took dick right down her throat like a pro and made a mess. It was gangsta. It’s absolutely fantastic when an inexperienced girl tells you ‘it burns’ when you are slamming her pussy. They are still too inexperienced to realize that burn is that pussy being destroyed. She was sat down and nutted on. Two huge loads. She ate every drop and then was antiqued properly.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Hoe Face Fuck New Wig Same Whore Cock Gagging

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

New Wig Same Whore Posted in Cock Gagging

Man no amount of Yak hair can make an old hood bitch new but they try. She doesn’t seem to like the sex but that’s when we like it so the show continued. As Dice says ‘Ehhhhhhh.’ She got stepped on like a bad pair of brakes and fucked like a retard at an IQ exam. In the end she was reminded that she was a hooker and the earth spins around the sun for another day.

Ghetto Gaggers Cum Swallow Whore Woody Hoodpecker Deep Throat

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Woody Hoodpecker Posted in Deep Throat

Remember that cartoon? Tonight she is peckin on some peckerwoods. She came full of surprises and tummy full of a sloppy stuff that made a disgusting mess that left us hanging those trees you hang from your mirror to deodorize the joint. She really took the heavy hands and was wobbled some. The white dick kept a relentless drilling over and over and over until it was time to sodomize her. We lifted up her big thighs and penetrated her asshole. You can tell it was painful but that ain’t nobody’s business but hers. Then her pussy got the beating next. Tore that mother fu%*er up! She was ready for the nut by this time and was eager and obedient enough to take it like an obedient queen. Two pops went off like in a hood bar in downtown Paterson. She sat there for several minutes as the white mans mark soaked in and left an indelible blemish on her soul.

Ghetto Gaggers Beautiful Ebony Boobs The Hedgehog Cock Gagging

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

The Hedgehog Posted in Ebony Video Tube

Tipping the scales at a deuce she is large and not quite in charge. It took some practice before this hippo was able to snake that dick down her esophagus. You’d think with all the eclairs she piled down her throat a dick would fit right down but it took a great deal of effort to punch the ball across the plane. Finally she got it down and the slobber came up. She then took two dicks in her holes once the holes were located. Then we fucked her with a big cucumber which she was also ordered to eat. Big girls love their veggies. They obviously prefer it over cake and burger king. After the leg workout from lugging her around in various positions two loads were dropped on her face. She sat their befuddled covered in cum and cucumber. We probably lowered her cholesterol a few points.

Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Deep Throat Light Skinned And Rimmed Cock Gagging

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Light Skinned And Rimmed Posted in Deepthroat

Not her ass of course. Nothing here is about a whore’s pleasure. There were a lot of firsts here in addition to this being her first scene. She never had a 3some never did anything this hardcore never took a load to the face and never tasted it either. It was impressive how she took dick down her throat. She was a complete newb – better than the pros. She was malleable and just submitted to the white dick with every ounce of her soul. She’d flail around like she had the holy ghost in her. It was as if it she were in a sermon and Pastors Harker and Jay D were preaching to the choir and hitting a chord on the pipe organ. She took 3 huge loads to the face which prompted a visceral reaction. The novel smell taste and texture was overwhelming but she ate it all every last drop of the white man’s DNA – billions of potential white lives did not matter.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Facials Django Chained Deepthroat

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Django Chained Posted in Deep Throat

No you racist fuck Django the stupid python thingamabob on our server and that’s why the update was late. That being said this slut was tied to a stool like a fool and the slop from her ghetto guts was poured on her Jackson Five head. She was smacked hard and took white boy dick deep and you could see her uterus bulging with every stroke. Two loads to her face and she was all glazed up. An impressive amount of cum I might add.

Ghetto Gaggers Fucked Sha Dynasty Cock Gagging

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

Sha Dynasty Posted in Black Bitch Gag

They say you can’t teach an old whore new tricks. Good thing we didn’t have to with Sha Dynasty she was full of them. This big assed black bimbo didn’t take a single break while Bootleg and Sam released hell on her. In fact she enjoyed it! So being the courteous guy I am I offered her up some punishment for being such a good sport by having Boot’s give her the cattle prod. Her booty bounced away from it like she heard sirens in the distance. To top off the night we gave her a double shot of man jism and powdered her nose. Now she’s fancy enough for the whore bowl.

Black Ghetto Gaggers Face Pounding Ashely Luvbug 4 Deepthroat

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Ashely Luvbug 4 Posted in Deep Throat

Ashely Luvbug swung back around for another bout of taking dicks to the face. This cock hungry mutt let JD and Sam plow her face while she rained sputum all over our floor. Something about this bubbly ghetto whore really rubs me the wrong way so I had to step in and make sure she knew her place gagging for the internet. She made a real good mess when the barney came out to play.

Ghetto Gaggers Cum Swallowing Hoe Mya Mays 2 Deepthroat

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Mya Mays 2 Posted in Ghetto Gaggers

Mya Mays is someone I’d never thought I’d see again… and I kinda wish I didn’t. On the one hand she is among the better looking whore. Her body is fantastic and she takes it in all 3 holes. On the other hand she’s too used to how things work in LA and let’s just say that she knows how to work the system. We call it whore-fu and her whore-fu is strong. Regardless we did what we’re known to do and left her cum covered and feelings hurt.