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Black Ghetto Gaggers Cum Swallowing Ebony Trazcy Kush And Bayson Crosse Throat Gag

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Trazcy Kush And Bayson Crosse Posted in Black Bitch Gag

Trazcy Kush you know. She’s been here twice already and always knocks it out of the park. Her friend we don’t know. Why? She’s brand new. Today is her first and most likely her last day in porn. Her experience was horrific. The things we put her through would have been tough for a seasoned pro let alone a porn newbie. Trazcy however didn’t even blink an eye when hard cocks were shoved up her ass down her throat in her cunt… anywhere we fucking pleased. Bayson Crosse broke down several times to cry but she put on her big girl panties and finished strong. Will these two cunts be friends tomorrow? Who cares? It’s not my problem!

Ghetto Gaggers Videos Black Whore Gagging Azaelia Cock Gagging

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Azaelia Posted in Black Bitch Gag, Cum Facial, Ghetto gaggers

Azaelia ‘like the flower’ except spelled the way a Bronx hood rat would spell it. Aside from her ghettofication of her name this slender 21 year old seized her porn debut on Ghetto Gaggers and ran with it. I have to admit I was nervous when I saw how hot she was. I thought no way this snooty cunt is going to stick around but guess what… the fucking pig did. Pauly and Jay really laid into this piece of ass smacking that conceited smile right off her face. Both guys pump fucked that little cunt hard. The way they described it was so fucking tight. Her mouth went to great use inhaling hard white cocks. Prior to the shoot she was boasting that we wouldn’t get her to lose her lunch. FAIL. She spilled her guts all over the place time and time again. What an awesome night!

Ebony Ghetto Ho Innicent Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Insane Puking Cumshot Facials Free Movie

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

“Innicent”… yup she’s as stupid as the spelling on her name. That’s what happens when you’re an uneducated black girl living in the hood trying to make ends meet. It’s a shame with this one because her body is really nice. Her face is a bust though. Her deep throat game is horrible. The guys described it as shoving their cocks in a wood chipper… but she can take it in the ass like a boss. I’m guessing that’s a regular thing in the hood so they don’t procreate. As far as a future in porn nope. However we destroyed this girl. Her rep is shit. We are awesome though!
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Ashely Luvbug 3 Gaggers Throat Fucking Excessive Puking On Many Cocks Videos

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

We don’t ask girls back 3 times unless we and you (the fans) enjoy their work. Having Ashely Luvbug back again is a no brainer. That little cunt is built for this shit. This time around the action is messier and more humiliating than ever. Bootleg takes control and gives her a visit to remember. Oh man watching that petite little frame get destroyed by hard cock was a sight to behold. There’s no end to this whore’s depravity. Hopefully we’ll get her back to bang the entire gang at once but until that time… this awesome scene should hold you over!
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Ebony Ghetto Hood Slut Naomi Gamble Cock Gag Gaggers Severe Spew Bukakke Facials Video

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Naomi Gamble looks like she comes from Thunderdome with her retarded hipster haircut… but she’s a good shit. She’s got the kind of jungle booty that makes black men act a fool and white guys shake their heads. I can not lie… I like big butts. Maybe not those oversized dump trucks asses but this one is pretty fucking awesome. She knows how to make it jiggle too! Anyway I digress… Naomi put in work today. Things started off as normal but reached epic levels as the shoot went on… like a locomotive picking up steam. I don’t have a negative thing to say about this bitch. She put in a strong performance that I know you’re going to jack your cocks to. Enjoy!
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Nasty Ghetto Ho Ashely Luvbug 2 Deep Throat Gag Gaggers Hardcore Spewed Over Cocks Vid

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Ashely Luvbug is the type of whore who is always welcome at Ghetto Gaggers. She’s a petite mixed light skin cutie with a tight firm body with a gorgeous ass and the perkiest little tits I’ve seen in a while. Aside from her incredible body her work ethic is top notch. She does what she’s asked doesn’t act like a cunt and performs at a high level. I wish these other pigs would take a page out of her book. Anyway… let’s get to the details. Gio and Pauly dominated this whore’s throat. Thrusting hard emptying her belly’s contents over and over. Each more epic than the last. This little spinner also loves taking hard white cocks in her cunt. She fucks like a pro… but that’s because she is. Bottom line… this chick is awesome. This scene is awesome. I hope we see her again!
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Skank Ghetto Hood Slut Marie Chantilly2 Deep Throating Gaggers Severe Choke Over White Cocks Video Download

Monday, April 6th, 2015

This is a first for me… usually when we have a tapout we never hear from the girl again. This one wanted to come back and prove she could do it… and you know what? She did. The first time Marie Chantilly was in our studio she was crying and screaming her ass off while the guys destroyed her. Since that first visit she became a good bitch… and like any good bitch we put her in the doggy crate. Both guys spit on her and paraded her around on all fours. When it was time to take hard white cocks in her face she did it like a pro. Sure… there was the usual whimpering but this cunt wanted to show us she had what it takes. We threw every trick in the book at her and she kept on going. Huge dildos in her cunt crisp slaps across the face plunger dildo down her throat pimp powder slaps etc. At the end she was left looking like a pile of slop and cum… just the way we like them!
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Black Ghetto Hoe Jazzi Lai Gaggers Deep Throat Fucked Ultimate Puking With Dick Vid

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Don’t let her stupid name fool you… this chick is the real deal. She’s brand new. In fact this is her first ever scene. We’re talking this cunt is a real civilian. She’s never stripped or sold her pussy before. She described herself as an undercover freak. I didn’t believe it but now I do. We had an absolute ball pushing her to her limit. She was slapped around choked spit on… and the face fucking was both intense and messy… VERY MESSY. Next up watching her dark cherry pussy getting crammed with hard white cocks and her tiny butt hole getting split in half. She even got double penetrated. This shoot is something we’re all pleased to lend our name on. It’s awesome.
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Nasty Ghetto Hoe Kayla Ivy2 Gaggers Throat Fuck Hard Deepthroated Choking Vid

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Kayla Ivy is back. Her first video was good but we knew we could do better. Round 2 is more brutal messier and disgusting. I put my thinking cap on and laid the humiliation and degradation on thick! How you ask? We had her dunk her face in the slop filled dog bowl over and over as she deep throated white cock. We soaked her clothes in the filth and had her model it. Epic amounts of gross flew from her mouth hole. Ewww!!!! Last time she took hard cock in her little black ass. This time around we stuffed both those holes at the same time. This is her first ever DP… ever as in real life too! Both cumshots nailed her face… drenching her in globby white jizz.
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Nasty Ghetto Hoe Jayme Jewelz Throat Fucked Gaggers Ultimate Spewing Cum Gargling Vid

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Jayme Jewelz came with a good attitude ready to get worked. The guys treated her like a car on a joy ride. JJ gave her all literally in the form of upchuck. When she didn’t have more to give we supplied her with more… with a funnel of Purple Pop. Being that she was getting the deluxe works we shined up her hiney with some oil. Then you can check out JJ dancing on the dicks with her ass shining… Sweet. There’s too much that happened in this flick to give it justice. Nor do I want to let the cat… meow outta the bag. So tune in tone the world out and enjoy… Hey JJ Whats Happening Now?
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