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Ghetto Gaggers Video Ebony Intersectional Paradox Cum Facial

Friday, March 29th, 2019

Intersectional Paradox Posted in Deepthroat

Here we have a Blasian. Now where does she fit on the oppression index in the oppression Olympics. Her mom is black her dad is Korean (usually it’s the opposite) so what happens here? When she applies to college is it like an algebraic equation? -1 for being Korean and +1 for being black? Does it cancel out? In what circumstances does she pull the “black card?” That black card has more power than my Amex black card. What about Jim Crow? Being that she’s half asian is now Dim Sum Crow? I’m confused and frightened now. Remember when things were normal before horse toothed AOC started popping off? I digress. She got fucked in the ass and caused to eat that dick that just left her tail pipe all the while being strapped into our new bondage device we affectionately named “The Uncle Tom.” She took 2 loads to her face and was left to ponder these progressive conundrums all by herself. I’m putting on my MAGA hat and chirping second out of the parking lot.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Cum Swinging That Wig Cum Facial

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Swinging That Wig Posted in Cock Gagging

This bitch is rolling up in here fresh out of retirement with her smooth black ass and a smile. It didn’t last too long though as the guys do what they do best. Watch as this whore spews up more nasty junk than the faucets in Flint. It’s ok though she thinks she did a good job sitting there with a shit eating grin on her face while our dudes busted their loads all over her.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Ghetto Gagging Slut Big Black Deepthroat

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Big Black Posted in Ebony Video Tube

I mean let’s just cut to the chase. This chick would kick your ass for a donut—not to mention one of those gourmet donuts. Coming in at an unbillled weight and hailing from parts unknown this mass of dark matter was ready to tussle like Nipsey Hussel. Her belly was a bottomless pit that kept flowing like a Saudi oil well. Pump after pump she was spewing black gold. Then she took the GX 32 Modulator and that really got her rolls moving like the incoming tide. She took dick in her fat pussy and showed us all how much she appreciates two upstanding white citizens who are willing to fuck her. 3 loads to her face and she was ready for a topping—Ghetto Gaggers style.

Free Ghetto Gaggers Slap Happy Hoe First Anal Ever Deep Throat

Friday, January 4th, 2019

First Anal Ever Posted in Free Ghetto Gaggers

Yes not the bull-crap ‘first anal on camera’ porn whores try to pawn for a premium. This is a black woman letting a white man pop her anal cherry the holiest of holes the flag on the moon. She was giving some good neck too. It was as if she’s shakin’ her head in a argument but while a dick was in her mouth. It always fascinated me how black girls can shake their head like that – like a bobble head. Maybe it puzzles me because my huge trapezius muscles keeps my head relatively stationary. She took the dick and for her first ever anal while barking like dog was pretty hot. Then we lined her up for the DP and that’s when she got the holy ghost in her. Southern Baptist style. She got down on her ass to receive 3 giant loads which completely covered her face until she scooped all the cum into her mouth.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Cum Swallow Bitch Zo Lala 2 Cock Gagging

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Zo Lala 2 Posted in Black Bitch Gag

Zo Lala is back again she said she had fun last time so we had to make sure she broke that habit this time around. It wasn’t even three minutes in before Bootleg had her crocodile tears streaming down her face and liquid shame coating her perky little tits. It only got better when Sam shoved his Goliath meat log down her throat to teach this husky voiced whore how to sniff balls. All and all I’d say Zo Lala was schooled in the most classic of Ghetto Gaggers fashions.

Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Cunt Fucked Ashanti Miller Cock Gagging

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Ashanti Miller Posted in Ebony Video Tube

Watching Ashanti Miller try to be a porn star is like watching the quadriplegic dash at the special Olympics. This little ghetto gutter rat tried to play the pretty girl game on us and got shut down hard. The guys took turns spearing her throat till she turned her ass up in true whore fashion to take the drilling of a life time. Even if she didn’t put forth any effort these guys tried to get water from this tubby stone till they just dropped loads all over her face.

Ghetto Gaggers Video Face Fuck Whore Summer Knight 4 Deepthroat

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Summer Knight 4 Posted in Black Ghetto Gaggers

This scene is a little different from the rest. Today Summer Knight is back a 4th time but she takes on 3 guys. This is her first DP too and she took that like the thing she was created to be. A whore forged out of laziness and self-loathing and self-fulfilling prophesy where the sole purpose of her menial existence is to serve the white cock. She served it well–and lashings were given and pearly white semen covered her ebony face such that upon completion it appeared to have resembled the work of deity than that of men.

Karman Webb And Jaime Fetti Black Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Slags Tight Throat Fucked Vids

Sunday, June 19th, 2016

Karman Webb And Jaime Fetti Desperate Slut Cum Facials Download Black Ghetto Gaggers


Two bitches…one completely stunning… the other a chubby troll. Combined we made Ghetto Gaggers magic the way only our perverse minds could. Imagine two ghetto hood rats battling it out to earn the title of baddest bitch. Not only were they pitted against each other but they also had to tackle the hard white cocks of Pauly Harker and Jay D. It’s messy it’s intense… it’s everything you want in a Ghetto Gaggers scene. We’re talking girl on girl ass licking explosive face fucking epic bitch slaps and more. These two girl scenes are must haves. If you don’t see this you’re missing out on a historic moment in porn!

Portia Ravani 3 Black Ghetto Gaggers Black Slags Deep Throated & Fucked Vid Download

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Portia Ravani 3 Cheap Slut Bukkake Facial Freebie Video Black Ghetto Gaggers


I know… I know… Portia Ravani was literally just here. However no one can argue that she rocked it on round 2 so we thought we’d bring her for a 3rd installment. This time the mini train was ran on her by Pauly Harker and Jay D. Both guys used the holes up nice and good. I swear this girl’s ass is so fucking nice. I love them little juicy butts! Knowing Portia… you can expect more mess than the average ghetto gagger. We made sure her 3rd visit was something to remember!

Penelope 2 Black Ghetto Gaggers Black Hos Throat Fuckers Videos

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Penelope 2 Skank Whore Blowjob Gag Mpeg Black Ghetto Gaggers


News Flash… Ghetto Gaggers will always win. I don’t care who the fuck you are. You will NOT come into our house and expect to run shit. You’re the whore… we’re the professionals. Now that I got that off my chest… this dumb stick cunt Penelope returns. Yeah she’s cute. I’ll give her that but that twat attitude was put in check. I’m guessing that she thought she’d roll in and get off easy. NOPE. Watch Penelope completely shut down when we kick it into overdrive. I give zero fucks about this bitch. What I am proud of is that when the going got tough our guys stepped up and put this bitch in her fucking place!