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Kayla Ivy travel all the way from California to New Jersey for her debut in porn. When you think about it it sounds pretty retarded right? She traveled light… the only baggage she brought was her daddy issues. Having never really known her father she developed a sense of resentment towards men. That much is obvious. She even had the nerve to lash out at me a bit (fucking cunt!)… but don’t worry. My henchmen Pauly Harker and Gio put that bitch right in her place. It’s a very humbling experience gagging on a hard white cock losing your lunch and being like the animal we see you as. This one is messy fellas. Oh… she got her pretty black butt fucked hard too! Get this… she’s only taken it in the ass with one other guy (maybe a handful of times). Today she tripled that number. Each guy took turns blowing that O ring wide open. School was in session and the first lesson was gaping. The gang finished by unloading massive cum loads all over her pretty face… and I do mean pretty. She’s top shelf… now she’s damaged goods.
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