Black Ghetto Gaggers Ebony Cunt Fucked Zo Lala Throat Gag

Zo Lala Posted in Cock Gagging

When you hear Zo Lala speak you immediately think ‘drag queen’. I did my due diligence by checking for an Adam’s apple inspecting her cunt for man made alterations along with checking for a 5 o’clock shadow. It turns out that she is just a dyke with a deep voice. Now that’s out of the way let me say that Zo Lala is legit as fuck. Her body is fantastic. Her throat game is sick deep throat like a champ LOVES taking dick hard and fast and is a complete filthy gutter slut. This pig has Ghetto Gaggers hall of fame written all over her. For someone who literally just made her first porn video… she hit it out of the park.


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